Ways Runners Are Like Cats

  • Play hard, sleep hard. At least my cat does. After a vigorous round of playing with her mouse or any other of her assortment of toys – she likes to nap. I’m the same way. After a longer run, I like to take my “after long run nap”. Works for me, too!
  • Always land on your feet. OK, maybe this is just a me thing, but I’ve been known to fall a time or two on my runs. (It’s been more than 2, but who’s counting). Anyway, you need to be able to get back up and complete your run. For one thing, you don’t want to stay down – cars will stop and it’s kind of embarrassing. And, another thing, you need to get back home somehow. But, if you’ve never fallen during a run – believe it or not – it does help to get right back up and keep running.
  • Cats are independent. Even if you run with others at times, there are runs where you will be out there by yourself. You have to be independent to be a runner. You may be the only runner in your house – so you have to have the will power and drive to get out the door. Also, many (or all) runs may be solitary. So, you need to be OK with being by yourself.
  • Eating is good. Well, at least my cat thinks so. Runners need to eat for energy to head out on their runs and for replenishing after their runs.
  • Resilience. Watching my cat playing with her mice – I know that she is resilient and will go with the flow. She will be playing with one of her mice and it goes under the couch or the refrigerator. After she realizes that it’s not working when she tries to get it out – she moves on. To another toy or another mouse. Runners need to be resilient. Not all runs are going to go as planned. You may feel kind of draggy and just don’t feel like going the distance that day. Runners need to know to not let it get them down. Tomorrow is another day and another run – or mouse!