Support For Runners

The people that we tend to talk about running the most are to our spouses. They have to hear about the good training runs, the bad training runs, that little glitch that we feel in our foot and so on and so on. And, as good significant others – they listen intently and show interest. But, do you show interest in what they are doing?

That’s something that I’ve found very important in my relationship with my husband. He is definitely a non-runner. I’ve known that from the day that we met and I also knew with his bad knees and bad back that he never would be. And, I never tried to turn him into one. His passion is cars – he restores and shows classic muscle cars.

So, in return for his listening to me go on and on about running and being there at the finish line of races holding my “stuff” – I go to his car shows to support him. We travel to shows, set up the cars, etc. However, I also get to go on my daily runs and see areas that I may not have seen if I hadn’t been there to support him.

Do you support the special person in your life? It’s so important that you both support each other in your interests. If you want to have their support – you need to support them in what their passion is.

I hear from many runners who are upset about their partners not supporting their running. However, when I ask them if they do things non-running related with their spouses – many times the answer is no. How can we expect them to support our running and to listen to us talk non-stop about running if we don’t return the favor?

Think about it – do you like to listen to someone talk about themselves all the time, but they never have the time to listen to you? Don’t be that person. Especially with the special people in your life. Give the running talk a break every once in a while.