Stages Of An Injured Runner

Whenever a runner get’s what I call a little “glitch” – you always go out for your run as if nothing is wrong. You may feel something that doesn’t feel quite right; but, you can justify it easily. “I ran hard yesterday, so it’s just a little muscle soreness”. “I didn’t warm up properly, so it will go away as soon as I warm up”. When you’re in this stage – actually sometimes whatever you’re feeling will feel better as you keep running. So, you think nothing is wrong – finish your run – no stretching – no icing.

Then, you’ll move on to the next stage. In this stage, whatever you’re feeling feels a little worse – but you can run through it. You think that you’ll be alright as long as you stretch before and after, cut your mileage and ice. You do more stretching and icing than you’ve ever done in your life. (Yes, I have been there!) The funny thing is, depending on what the “glitch is” – this can actually help you to get over whatever it is. However, if it is something more serious, all the icing in the world won’t help. But, you just know that it’s just a temporary thing and as long as you keep icing and stretching – you’ll be just fine!

And, now we get to the last stage. During this stage, you may actually be limping as you are attempting to run. That grimace on your face is not from the cold wind – but from the pain that you are feeling when you are running. Finally, you can barely put one foot on the ground without crying. Then, you know that it’s time to get it looked at.

Those are the 3 stages that I’ve found occur in injured runners. The first two have happened to me – even though sometimes in Stage 2, I’ll make an appointment with my miracle working chiropractor to get fixed. And, knock on wood; he usually helps me to stay on the road. But, I do know of the Stage 3 runners.