Safety Tips For Rock Climbing

  • Planning each step in your mind before you take the step is very important for your safety. You must literally map out the next step in your head and see if the step is feasible for you to make. If it is ok in your mind only then can you take the step successfully. You should also remember not to move too fast. Every step you take must be a deliberate one, made only after taking into consideration the prevailing weather conditions.
  • Working with the rock will deliver better results. Each rock has its own characteristics and therefore there are different techniques to help you climb it carefully and efficiently. This means that you should try to study the rock and make sure you are using the right technique for the right rock. Not using the steep rock technique on a steep flat rock wall can lead to bad accidents.
  • Remember not to look too far down. When you are climbing, at the back of your head you will always be aware that you are pretty high up. But the more you look down the more fear might start to take over you. When looking down only look as far down as to see your feet and to make sure they are properly aligned to keep you balanced.
  • Always do your homework. Watching experts is a great way to learn. Using their techniques can be very beneficial to you. also it is a good thing to remember is that learning from your own mistakes can be very important but you cannot make all the mistakes on your own so read up on the accidents that have occurred can help you not to make the same errors.