Reasons To Run A Half-Marathon

  • A half-marathon is a great race if you are a runner wants to run a longer race, but not quite ready to take on a full marathon distance. You’ve run some 10K’s and ready to take on a longer challenge and training for an endurance race.
  • 13.1 miles is the perfect distance if you want to accomplishment something major in your running, but don’t have the time to take on the training needed to run a full marathon. For many runners, they may not be able due to job or family responsibilities to take the time needed for a marathon. However, training for a half-marathon is completely doable.
  • Runners who tackle this distance will learn about what it takes to set goals with their running. You’ll need to have a training plan/schedule and be able to accomplish your goals weekly. These weekly goals will be instrumental in finishing your half-marathon. You will learn to handle the ups and downs that will come along the way. You will learn to persevere with your training to hit your goal.
  • Many runners take on a half-marathon race while they are in training for a full marathon. They will schedule a half to test their fitness level to see how they are in their marathon training. It’s a great tune up to do a few weeks before going for 26.2 miles.
  • Many runners run the 13.1 race to keep themselves in good shape throughout the year. They may not be truly “racing” any longer, but training for a half-marathon keeps them doing the miles need to feel good about themselves and in good health.