Ideal Running Route

People run for two main reasons: to compete or as a form of exercise (unless you also do it for some other reasons like escaping the hands of the law). If you haven’t had any exercise for more than a year either because you don’t have the time for it or there’s nothing that motivates you to do it, you might want to consider its many benefits. Aside from the physical health benefits that can be derived from it, you can also improve your mental health as running builds self-esteem.

If you’re running for the first time, your running route can be as important as the equipment you’ll use. Where should you run? Whether you live in a city or in a rural setting, even though there’s plenty of space out there the minute you step out of your house, there are advantages in choosing where to run. Here are some suggestions for running routes:

Find a route where there’s good scenery – To enjoy running to the max, you should seek out a place that will has excellent, if not spectacular views so you also feed your soul while making your body fit. This exercise can get dull if you don’t see anything that’s visually appealing. Sometimes, you won’t feel very exhausted if your eyes behold magnificent views. If there’s an ocean nearby where you live, the beach is one of the best spots to have as a running route.

Stay off pavements – Running can be more punishing if you do it on concrete surfaces. It makes you more susceptible to shin splints. Also called ‘tibial stress syndrome,’ shin splints are a medical condition wherein you feel aching and throbbing in your shins. Go for softer surfaces like soil or sand. If you the roads are part of your route, at least look for those made of asphalt.

Choose a safe route – Don’t run in deserted places if you can avoid it, especially if you do your running at night. Being in these places can make you an easy prey to people with criminal intent. If you can’t find time during daytime because of your work, make sure you run in areas that are well lit and where there are people. If an isolated area is part of your route, tag along a buddy to run with you. This would not only make you feel safe, you’ll also be more committed to it when you have a partner with you.