Expecting Female Runners

There are already female marathoners who have proved that training during pregnancy is fine and not at all dangerous. Sonia O’Sullivan, Paula Radcliffe, and Kara Goucher are examples of exemplary athletes who showed the world pregnant women can still do it. They even did training until late in their pregnancy. They were fine and even delivered their babies normally. They had healthy pregnancies. Not all women are alike. However, given that a pregnant female athlete is healthy and have no serious complications regarding the pregnancy, it is safe for her to continue training until it’s time to prepare for delivery.

It is vital for the mother to be keen observant with her physical condition along the training. The training and running career are second priority to your safety and your baby’s protection. Running on even surfaces during daytime is a good precaution.

In addition to that, maternity compression band provides further support for the baby. You can also get a good cardio workout, in case you reach a point when it is too stressful to run. Biking, swimming, walking, jogging are good exercises that strengthens and shapes your body as you patiently wait for delivery. They would be good diversion to keep off boredom.

Keeping yourself healthy and nurturing your baby is your sole responsibility as a mother. It starts with giving room for changes in your running goals. If being a mother means setting aside your plans, and ambitions, gladly do so. You do not have to fully give up exercising because exercises will benefit you and the baby. Stay fit.

If pains occur during your runs, consult your doctor. Heed your doctor’s opinion. If you need to stop, then do so. You can follow your running ambitions right after childbirth. There is always the right time to follow your dreams.