Allure of Everest

Personally I’ve always wanted to climb Everest and always will do, until the day I succeed. Despite the fact that hundreds now summit and the top turns out crowded at the end of May, I still want to go there; I don’t think any criticism really takes away the allure of being at the top of the world. I think it’s unfair to generalise all who climb Everest as under qualified adventurers with a bit of money as the challenge is undoubtedly great.

Despite criticism of those of climb Everest, I think the allure will always be there for me, and a lot of other people, as the tallest mountain in the world will remain just that, the tallest mountain in the WORLD! Some may be under qualified to attempt her but maybe this could be dealt with by tour operators, numbers of permits could be limited further or being granted permission made more difficult.

Whilst I say this I do also believe that it would be such a great feat to climb Everest without the help of fixed ropes and bottled oxygen but in today’s world we use what we have – look at it this way, those who complain don’t walk miles to work, they drive to work instead; where’s the challenge in that? Nowhere, but today we have cars. If Mallory and Irvine had had state of the art down suits and fixed ropes they would have used them!