About Marathon Workout

It’s important that you get the right equipment before you begin training. As you will be severely punishing your legs then decent footwear is absolutely essential. You should get some well cushioned running shoes that will suit your particular running style. If you have any doubt then purchase the shoes from a running shop and ask for advice. Starting your training with new shoes will also mean that you’ll be able to both train and run your marathon using the same pair of trainers. This is much better than switching midway through training. Some people may also benefit from a heart rate monitor and a training log book. This way you’ll find it easier to track your progress and pinpoint flaws in your training.

There are two forms of run that you should include in your marathon workout; these are the short run and the long run. They are exactly as they sound, though the workout drastically varies. The short run should include high intensity interval training. For example you should sprint for 30 seconds, then jog for one minute and then keep repeating the process.

The long run is the most important aspect of training. Not only will you be mentally preparing yourself for the race, but you will be training your muscles to get ready. During long runs you should always stick to the 10% rule. This means that you should never increase your overall running distance by any more than 10%. If you do, then you drastically increase your chances of having an injury.

Another great way to train for a marathon is by cross training in other sports. This will allow you to give your leg muscles a rest from time to time, which is essential to replenish over-worked muscles. Incorporating swimming and cycling into your marathon workout can be very beneficial and will give you that much needed rest on certain weeks.

Designing a marathon workout is very difficult if you have little knowledge of fitness. If you are unsure of what to do then you should seek advice from an expert. Marathon workouts can vary from person to person, so it’s always important that you create your own workout. This will ensure that you don’t get an injury and that you are prepared for the race itself.