West Virginia Hiking Trails

Loudon Heights Trail

This hike passes through three states from Georgia to Maine. This section of the trail also passes through the idyllic Harpers Ferry, a small tourist town on the banks of the Shenandoah and the Potomac rivers. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park — located close to Harpers Ferry, is home to Redoubt Trail, a short, wheelchair-accessible through some historical military buildings and spaces once used in the defense of Harpers Ferry in the Civil War.

Lower Otter Creek Wilderness

Hike to and camp on Otter Creek — a beautifully clear mountain stream with interesting rock formations. You can also climb up on to the high country on Shavers Mountain. Pitch camp here and call it a day to give yourself time to savor the view. Finally amble along Green Mountain, enjoying a few more vistas before walking back down to Otter Creek and the end of the trail.

Seneca Creek / High Meadows

Walk down Seneca Creek for watery vistas and some great trout fishing; while there, you can opt to spend the night at Judy Springs, a walk-in campground. Challenge yourself by making your way down Seneca Creek to the upper Falls of Seneca, and then back up to the High Meadows Trail. You can also leave your packs at your hotel in town and just take a day-pack for some quick romps on shorter trails that branch of the main route.

Blackburn Trail Center

This hike offers a number of excellent views of the Shenandoah Valley, and the rocky footing and steep climbs pose a challenge for avid hikers. Hikers are rewarded with stunning views and memorable picnic spots. The best thing about this trail is the fact that it is easily accessible from Charleston and nearby Washington D.C. — perfect for a quick weekend getaway.