Wearing Compression Clothing for Runners

If there is one reason why you should get such gear, it is that the compression applied by the clothing delivers additional blood flow to the key muscle areas. As you know, blood carries oxygen to different parts of the body. Oxygen provides additional energy to the muscles in the legs, as well as increases the athlete’s stamina and overall performance. With the help of compression wear, additional amounts of oxygen can be pumped into vital parts of the body, particularly the joints and the muscles.

In addition, compression provides stability to the muscle and reduces or regulates muscle oscillation. This helps in reducing the onset of fatigue on the muscles used for running. This also helps restore integrity to the muscle tissues as they recover from strenuous exercises. Aside from that, the compression produced by the clothing initiates a healing response to groups of muscles that have been injured during training. Additionally, it reduces inflammation or swelling and speeds up the recovery process of any damaged muscle.

Another benefit of compression clothing is that it regulates body temperature and works regardless of the weather. Since it fits very close to the body, it allows the skin to “breathe”. For instance, when you’re running in hot weather, compression clothing helps you get rid of moisture from your body more efficiently, while during cold weather, the same principle applies.

Finally, compression clothing helps increase proprioception. This refers to the awareness of the position of one’s body. Increased proprioception heightens the senses and improves balance and muscle coordination when running. This helps improve an athlete’s running technique at the same time.

In a nutshell, compression wear can significantly improve a runner’s power, endurance, agility, and recovery. It does these things by providing additional support to the muscle groups and delivering supplementary blood flow to these areas. It also helps regulate body temperature, reduce fatigue, and improve muscle recovery rate.