Ways To Fit Running Into Busy Schedule

  • If you have kids and take them to ball practice – use their practice time as your run time. You can run around the practice field or the surrounding area while your kids are busy with their practice.
  • Get a running partner. If you have a friend that you run with – chances are that you will be more apt to not let them down by skipping the run.
  • Make an appointment with yourself. This may sound crazy to you – but if you put your run time in your daily calendar when you are making your weekly schedule – you’ll schedule everything else around that.
  • Be accountable to someone. Tell or better yet bet someone that you are going to stick with your running program. This will make you a little more likely to get it done.
  • Keep a running bag in your car. By keeping your clothes with you all the time – whenever you have a half hour or so of down time – you can get your run in. No excuse that you don’t have your clothes or shoes with you.
  • Run home from work. This is a great way to get rid of the stress of the day before you get to your family. Also, a way to beat the stress of sitting in rush hour traffic! If you live too far away, run before you start to drive home. You still get your de-stress time in and let the traffic settle down.
  • Take your kids with you. If you the person taking care of the kids – you can do this a several different ways. You can get a running stroller. If you don’t want the upper body workout – you can run at a gym. Most gyms have child care and your can get your workout in while your kids are having a fun time playing with others.
  • Get a dog. OK, this may be a little drastic. Maybe you already have a dog that would love to get some extra exercise. You know that you just can’t say know to those “puppy dog eyes”!