Technical Running Apparel

Technical running clothing is made of synthetic fabrics – you may also hear them called moisture wicking materials. Two of the most popular are CoolMax or Dri-Fit. These materials are especially made for runners. They are much better for your running comfort than cotton.

Cotton clothing will absorb your sweat while you are running. And, then the cotton stays wet. This will make you uncomfortable for a couple of reasons. First of all, it makes your clothing heavier as you run. And, it will also trap this moisture against your body and can make you feel cold and pretty miserable. This can even happen on a warmer day.

However, the technical fabrics are made to pull the sweat away from you body – thus the term, moisture-wicking. They are made to dry faster than cotton and will stay pretty dry as you run. This will make you feel much more comfortable as you run. And, for those that do a walk/run program, it is really helpful so that you don’t get chilled during the walking parts of your workout.

The material that technical running clothing is made of is lightweight and stretching. This makes it less bulky than cotton. It also means that you don’t have to wear many layers when you run on colder days. A moisture-wicking shirt and a jacket or other top over it is probably all you need. If it’s a super cold day, then you will need a middle layer. This will keep you dry and warm without carrying around extra weight.

Technical running apparel is needed for all your running wear. Tops, tights, sports bras and your socks. Yes, technical socks are needed rather than cotton. The cotton socks will stay wet and can cause blisters.

Once you try technical running apparel you’ll be hooked. You’ll see how comfortable you stay during your runs. If you’re still a little skeptical, try one piece to see how much better you feel.

Technical running clothing will cost a little more than cotton running clothes. However, you definitely get your money’s worth. If taken care of properly, they will last a long time. And, it’s hard to put a price on how much better you’ll feel during your runs.