Comparing Vibram Shoes

The issue of injury in running is also the main reason why many people are getting intrigued with the Vibram shoes. This brand of minimalist running shoes claims to possess the most comfortable and safe means of running. By theory, it really doesn’t provide a cure to prevent all injuries. But what does instead minimizes at least the same risks and at the same time offer maximum performance.

So the essence of any Vibram shoe is to let everyone engage in running while making sure they don’t risk themselves and their body to injury and pain. Now let us take look at the most popular models of the product line.


The KSO is labeled by many as the runner’s perfect choice. The acronym stands for Keep Stuff Out. The design basically provides better protection compared to other similar products from outside forces and debris such as water, dust, mud, and others, hence the term keep the stuff out. It also utilizes a strap for the purpose of better fitting and comfort. Apart from the strap, it is also equipped with the least amount of foot sole inside, making it ideal for more flexibility and feedback.

KSO Trek

The Trek is a KSO upgrade in many ways. For one, it uses kangaroo leather, which in turn has been proven to be more durable compared to that of the regular nylon material. The same kangaroo leather can last up to a hundred and thirty miles. The Trek is specifically designed with more treading. This corresponds to being the perfect footwear for running and taking on gravel, sand, and other tough terrains. The Trek is also a lot more stylish and cooler than the first KSO.


Finally, you have the very popular Bikila. This footwear deviates from the notable weaknesses found in the KSO and other previous models. This is still intended for running but there is more treading. It provides the best comfort a Vibram footwear could offer. The plastic protector placed on the top of the toes also comes in handy for long mileage.

Women’s Climbing Shoes

Comfort and Confidence

Women’s climbing shoes can provide great comfort and confidence when climbing. Regular use makes different change in the structure of shoes. One such change is increase in with which puts you at a risky and even dangerous situation while climbing.

Participating in adventure sports always has its share of difficulties. Climbing footwear plays important role. Every one is expected to have shoes which will be useful at all kinds of surfaces. A shoe designed for climbing will provide permanent benefit, comfort and strength.

Be Careful

No victory in any game is possible without willpower. You should have physical as well as mental ability. You may end up losing the battle if you play without the right tools and outfit for the game. Therefore you should be very careful when investing in equipments for sports.

Going up high mountains with strong flow of air is not an easy task. It needs lot of physical strength with great willpower. If you are supported by proper and comfortable accessories like shoes, the task will become easier. Women’s climbing shoes are this accessory. Having a desire to play adventurous sport does not make you expert in that field. This article directs you towards the various steps for purchasing ideal rock climbing shoes.

New Season? New Shoes

Purchasing climbing shoes is a very big problem. Every new season will lead to a new variety of the shoes in the market. New shoes contain many additional and advantageous features in it. Purchasing completely new featured shoes for climbing is risky. Purchasing new shoes of old model saves money as well as lowers risk

Saving money at the cost of your life is not a wide move. Being starter in the adventurous sport does not mean you can compromise with quality of shoes for money. Purchasing a pair of shoes from reputed brand will be the right way to proceed.

Invest Your Money Right!

For purchase of equipments in adventure sport, mountain gear shops are very useful and it is advisable to use such shops for buying stuff. These shops provide expert advice as well. And you can test the shoes before buying, so you should invest your money for shopping in such shop for comfortable and supportive shoes without any hesitation.

Nowadays, the web has become one of the best medium for shopping. If you are clear about the shoe you want, you can take help of internet to buy the women’s climbing shoes you need.

Cushioning Running Shoes

Feet come in three basic styles: high arched, neutral and flat. The shape of a foot affects how weight distributes when standing and walking. Neutral foot position is both the most common and the best for injury prevention. High arches put more weight on the ball and heel while flat feet can cause considerable pain. The best running trainers help everyone achieve a neutral foot position and reduce impact.

Running is a high impact exercise that exaggerates the effects of small stride deviations. The knees and ankles are most affected by running. Over time, running can cause damage to the joints that will limit mobility. Properly cushioned shoes help prevent those types of injuries for people with high arches or under pronators. The wear pattern on your shoes can tell you if you over or under pronate. If the outer edge of the sole shows more wear, you under pronate. If the inner edge shows the wear, you over pronate. If you have flat feet, cushioned running shoes are not always the best choice.

Before you make a final decision on a cushioned running shoe, check your foot type and stride. The quickest way to test for stride issues and shape is to ink the bottoms of your feet and run across a piece of paper. The imprints left behind will show any problems that need correction. If the entire footprint is visible, you have flat feet. If the ball and heel show with little or no side visible, you have high arches. If a fair amount of the side of the foot is visible, you have neutral feet.

Top of the line training kicks can correct any and all of these issues while protecting the joints. The addition of roll bars, air pockets, and carefully shaped and crafted inner soles are just a few of the ways shoes can correct your stride and reduce impact.

Rotate Running Shoes

Even if you are running on a day without rain or snow, your feet will still sweat. This sweat will transfer to the inside of your shoes and the lining, etc. will get wet. If it is a rainy or snowy day, you have wetness happening on the inside and the outside. Having another pair to wear on your next run will give your shoes time to dry out before you wear them again.

During your runs, the foam in your running shoes will compress with the strike of your foot. Not allowing enough time for the shoes to decompress, your shoes will break down quicker. In addition to your shoes wearing out before their time, this can also lead to injury if you keep wearing them.

If you have one favorite style of shoe that you like, it’s alright to have 2 pair of them to rotate. You can also run in two different styles – just as long as you make sure that each style is correct for your foot type. This is usually what I do. I wear the same brand, but will have 2 different styles that I rotate.

The general rule of thumb for running shoes is 300 – 500 miles on a pair of shoes. You can keep track of this in your running journal. When I record my run for the day, in addition to my mileage, course I ran, weather, etc., I also write which shoe I ran in. This helps me keep a log of which pair I’m running in each day.

Running shoes are vital to keep you out on the roads running comfortably and without injury. You want to make sure that you take good care of them. Make sure that you are taking good care of them. A good way to do that is to give each pair a day off – even if you don’t take a day off!