Chi Running in Half Marathons

The technique in Chi running starts with body loosening exercise which are like the Qigong exercises and these are to be executed before running. The body of the runner has to be aligned in a vertical column to avoid any back injuries and assists in correct breathing. The runner must lean forward while running so he or she will be pulled by gravity giving him or her greater momentum. This takes the stain off on the legs. The runner must run with a mid-foot strike to avoid pulled hamstrings, strained ankles or shin splints. His or her stride has to be opened out back. He or she should lessen if not stop swinging his or her arms so as to keep them from crossing the centerline of the body.

A steady cadence should be maintained during the run. The speed should be based on the angle of the lean not on the cadence whether one is trying to move up his or her speed or slow it down. The runner must relax his or her body and focus on his or her breathing. The runner must scan his or her body so as to eliminate any discomfort, tension or pain and improve running time and speed up his or her recovery time. He or she should concentrate on the alignment of his or her form.

Chi running is beneficial to all types of runners in half marathons from the beginners to the seasoned, runners with weight problems and those with back problems. For beginners, they will learn the proper bio mechanics of running at the start whereas for seasoned runners, they will be able to avoid injuries such as strained muscles, sprained ankles or knee problems. Runners with back problems such as back muscle inflexibility or lack of strength in the back muscles will learn the correct posture and be able to practice maintaining this. With the proper techniques employed a runner’s back will become stronger.

Proper stretching will likewise make the runner’s back flexible. A runner should have a healthy diet. A lot of overweight people join half marathons so as to shed off some unwanted pounds. It helps them become stronger and slimmer. It helps the runner gain energy in order to be more active in their daily lives and boost one’s metabolism.

Seasoned runners do not favor chi running because for them this is less powerful. But the aim of chi running is to be able to run in a balance and effortless manner. Chi running is excellent for all types of runners who want their health improved in full and half marathons