Finding Time To Run With Young Kids

  • Run early in the morning before your spouse leaves for work. If you have explained to them how much you need the time to run, I’m sure that they will be supportive and help you out with the kids in the morning. Even though at first you may not think this is for you – you’ll see how much energy you have for the rest of the day. Also, then you don’t have to worry about making time later on.
  • Join a gym that has child care. You can get your run in (on the treadmill or outside) while your kids have fun playing with others. Another plus side is that in addition to running, you’ll have access to the equipment for cross training or easy weight workouts.
  • Find other parents who want to run. Then you can swap childcare duties with them. You can watch all the kids while they get their run in and then the other parent can watch while you get your run in. This is a win-win situation for everyone if you can find someone to do this with. The parents get their runs in and the kids have playtime with others.
  • Invest in a baby stroller. Many children love to head out with their parents while they are running. It’s also an extra workout for you and gets some fresh air for everyone. This is great solution if you truly have trouble finding time to run. And, if you are a parent who feels guilty about spending time away from your child, this is the solution. You can take your child with you and still get in a great workout.

If you are serious about wanting to be a runner, you need to make getting your runs in a priority. You also need to talk with your family so that they know you are serious about it. Everyone has busy schedules and usually much to do in a day. But with some pre-planning, you can get out there and run every day.