Scarpa Walking Boots

Not only is the Scarpa Manta brand the favorite in the UK, it has also been a six time winner of the Trail’s best 4 season boot accolade. The classic and popular boot is ideal for all seasons, especially winter and is great for Alpine climbing, hiking or walking across a glacier.

One benefit of the brand is that the footwear is durable and will last you for at least several years. The boots are flexible and comfortable and are resistant to abrasion; they are also great for protecting the feet.

The boots also remain dry all the time, thanks to the water resistant GORE TEX lining, a great feature for outdoor use. Also essential for outdoors enthusiasts is the pattern of heave on the soles of the boots, allowing a much better grip on snow and ice. Walking is also easier because of the ankle cuffs. Scarpa Manta boots have also improved over the years, with a more cushioned sole and an overall lighter feel. In fact the weight of the shoe has been reduced by 10 percent, because of the pro fiber midsole, which mimic the use of crampons, allowing you to climb at higher altitudes. The overall stability of the shoe has also been improved too.

For over half a century, men and women have been wearing the high quality shoes manufactured by Scarpa Manta. The prices have remained reasonable, ensuring value for money and for many years, this high quality Italian shoe maker has been popular and respected in the US.

These boots that are perfect for the outdoors and winter sports are created by a team of dedicated professional, all of whom love their work, as well as the outdoors. The company also carefully monitors every aspect of their shoe production process, right up to the finished product. Even the leather is specially chosen and is water resistant because of the small silicone particles in the material.

For decades, Scarpa Manta have relied on a combination of quality materials, expert craftsmanship and the latest in technology to create some of the best winter footwear there is. If you are climbing in the UK and want the ultimate in comfortable, yet practical footwear, a pair of these shoes is a must.