Safety Tips Climbing Indoors

Non-Slip Footwear

It is best to wear non-slip footwear, whenever we are climbing. This would help to give us some added security.

It is not a good idea to step-up wearing only socks, because of its usual smooth bottoms. Although some socks may have rubber grips, they are still not suitable for these situations.

Additionally, to mount, without anything on our feet, could also be dangerous. As with socks or feet are also smooth and if our feet are known for sweating, it will add another layer of danger.

Suitable Ladders

There are many things that we could use to lift ourselves to the height in which we are looking for, however, all of them are not suitable for standing on.

For example, a plastic chair could be used for getting to a spider web, because, after all, it may only take about three seconds for us to remove it with a broom.

Well, while this may be the case, it would also only take about that length in time for the chair to lose its balance and, we end up on the floor.

Therefore, it is best to always use something that is suitable such as a stepladder etc. for standing on.

Additionally, we should make sure that it is not broken, it is not unbalanced and of course, it is not rotten or, has a protruding nail and loose screws and other things along this line.

Also, sometimes, although we may be elevated, we may still be a bit shy of reaching our gold, therefore, we may stand on our toes, move to the edged of the ladder and things along this line, to reach. However, it is best to remain in the centered and to keep off our toes.