Running In The Wind

  • Plan your run so that you start out heading out facing into the wind. This gives you a little extra work-out with the resistance heading out. Doing this will also help you on the way back. You’ll be a little tired from the extra energy exerted – so the wind will help push you on your way back.
  • Lean into the wind. If you lean into the wind – it will help deflect it a little. Think car racing. If you’re not running totally upright, you ‘ll have some resistance against the wind.
  • Relax your shoulders. Many runners want to run tense up and lift their shoulders when running during windy days. Keeping your shoulders will help keep you from having muscle soreness in your neck and shoulders after your run.
  • Remember that your pace will be slower with the wind in your face. But, then, you’ll be faster once you turn around! Studies show that your pace can increase by about 5% with the wind at your back, but when you are running into the wind your pace can decrease by about 8%. This was done at 10 mph winds – so imagine the workout you’re getting at 25 mph winds! Just know that it’s OK if you’re running slower – but remember you may be getting a better workout with the extra resistance.
  • Drink your water. On windy days – the wind will dry the sweat from you. Remember that sweat on your skin in a good thing for cooling your body. So, be sure you’re keeping up with your water intake.