Running for Weight Loss Diet

Set a realistic goal

The fastest way to suffer from physical and mental burnout is by setting an unrealistic and off the charter goal. Many weight loss enthusiasts make the mistake of overestimating the exact numbers of calories burned on the running track and underestimating the calories consumed with every meal, thus leading to frustration and losing enthusiasm for the whole resolution.

As a result, if you’re looking to achieve the best results for the long haul, then your goals must safely guide you toward your destination. For that, set small goals and build gradually. Start with a 2-pound target per week and gradually build on that until you attain the desired bodyweight.

Eat frequently throughout the day

Weight loss is no excuse for starving yourself by skipping on meals. In fact, doing so can spell disaster on your training program and health status. If you’re a regular meal skipper, then expect low energy levels (thus mediocre performance on the running track), and a slow metabolism as your calorie burn rate will be slowed to a crawl due to the starvation mode response. This can only lead to more frustration, weight plateaus or even gains.

Instead, make sure to keep your body well fueled by eating 4-5 small meals, every three to four hours. Don’t eat to satisfy your hunger, eat for performance. The way you can go about that is to eat 2-3 hours before the running session and immediately afterwards. During these time-blocks, your body is more primed to use the calorie intake as energy (mainly glycogen) instead of storing it as fat on your body.

To make sure that you’re eating for performance, you need to plan your workouts sessions around your eating schedule. For instance, if you’re a morning runner, make sure to ingest something light for at least a half an hour before the workout (depending on your schedule), then make sure to replenish your energy tanks afterwards by consuming a healthy breakfast full with the good carbs, lean protein, fats, and of course, plenty of water.