Run In The Dark Safely

  • Wear reflective and bright colored clothing: Drivers often find it difficult to see runners during the dark, therefore, do not make it even harder for them to see you by wearing dark colored clothing. Make sure you wear brightly colored running apparel with reflective materials.
  • Carry lights: On the other hand, you will often find it difficult to see the trail, road or sidewalk when you run in the dark. So, carry some form of lights that you can easily carry to provide some illumination as you run.
  • Run against the traffic: The best way to run is against the traffic. You will find it easier to avoid oncoming cars if you can see them.
  • Concentrate and do not listen to music: Music can be great to keep you in the beat and running but listening to it in the dark is not a good idea. When you run in the dark, it is important to keep all your senses on alert, not just your sight.
  • Run in public areas: It is always better for you to run in public areas during early morning or in the evening. We all love the peaceful surroundings while running on trails, but doing this in the dark can expose you to the danger of being attacked. Keep your dark runs in public areas. This could be a bit boring but it will keep you safe.
  • Run with friends: Running in the dark with friends will significantly increase safety. You will have people who keep you motivated and extra set of eyes and ears to monitor the road.
  • Always pay attention to your surroundings: No matter how many safety measures you take to have a good run in the dark, you will always need to pay attention to whatever is going on around you. If you see something strange or not right, then follow your gut feeling and run away from the potential danger as fast as you can. It is always better to be cautious and prevent something bad from happening than to be seriously injured or attacked.