Reasons To Try Climbing

  • Something unique. Climbing is a unique experience and if you’re getting bored with your usual range of activities it can really inject some excitement into both your social life and fitness regime.
  • Challenge. If you want to feel you have achieved something special then a session on a climbing wall can really deliver that experience, often on your first visit. Gym climbing walls offer the opportunity for a climber to push themselves in a safe environment. Climbing is not just physically challenging but it can also be a great way to help combat a fear of heights. Once you have reassured yourself that your harness is safe and have your sights set on a particular height on the wall that you want to achieve, the motivation to reach it will outweigh the fear – and the feeling when you reach it is priceless!
  • Fitness. Climbing gives an affective full body work out and will engage muscles that you hardly knew existed before. It is fantastic for arm and leg strength, it also provides a great cardiovascular workout.
  • Variety. Once you have mastered the indoor wall you may feel ready for other types of climbing, of which there are many. Bouldering is also becoming popular and provides an alternative for those who may decide that they prefer to stay closer to the ground.
  • Associated activities. If you do venture out of the gym, either for an outdoor man-made wall or for the ‘real thing’ then you will find that climbing is associated with all kinds of other fantastic activities, like hiking, canoeing and camping. Have fun and be safe!