Prepare For Marathon Races Abroad

To begin with, you have to get trained. Perhaps, you are new to running. To build up your skills for marathon, minimum of six months training is needed. On the other hand, three months of training would suffice for those who have been running distances regularly.

Next, you need to choose a marathon that fits your capabilities and interests. Depending on your preference, you can run your marathon debut in another country at a big city marathon or low-key races done in quite streets.

Do you want to run marathons in the United States? Bay To Breakers, Boston Marathon and Hood To Coast Relay are the top three events you can keep an eye on. Conversely, the Medoc Marathon in France and London Marathon in United Kingdom can give you a reason to tour Europe.

If you are into African races, Comrades Marathon and Great Ethiopian Run will definitely bring your dreams into reality. There are competitions that are spiced up with challenges like running on mountains and the frozen Arctic Ocean. The Himalayan 100-mile Stage Race in India, Trail Marathon in Peru and North Pole Marathon are the ideal marathon races for you if you want such type of runs.

When it comes to running races in another country, you preparation does not stop at picking the country of your choice. There are other things that have to do. Now that you have the exact race in mind, research about its location. It is best that you have a map of the entire race and basic information like the weather and time differences in that part of the globe. Research and chew on the rules too. Some don’t get to run the race even after intensive training for marathon because of disqualifications. The Boston Marathon, for one, has disqualified many runners with its strict guidelines.

More often than not, registrations to running competitions start months or even a year before the actual race. In fact, famed ones get fully-booked quickly like days after the registration started. So you better be keen to register early. After which, probe about any visa requirements. Start with the application process early to ensure that you get it on time.

Decide to arrive at the country of the race one to two weeks earlier. This will allow your body and biological clock to adapt to climate and time differences. In relation to this, professional runners who are driven to win arrive at least three months ahead of the scheduled race and train there. As you prepare you for your departure, pack all your things days ahead your flight. Ensure you have all your running gears ready.