Mount Kinabalu Climbing

This impressive mountain is situated in the Kinabalu National Park, in the province of Sabah, Malaysia and is known all over the world for its unique flora and fauna. We need to add that, year by year, more and more tourists show a vivid interest in visiting Kinabalu National Park. In fact, their visit here is closely connected to incredibly exciting Mount Kinabalu climbing perspectives. If deciding to discover Mount Kinabalu, you will definitely not regret it, as there are so many wonderful things you can take advantage of.

There is no doubt that you are about to feel nothing else but joy and happiness during your special adventure that will turn out to be the most beautiful experience of your life. However, it is good to know that every little step you make needs to be thoroughly calculated. The truth is that you are supposed to take part in a very strict (but unbelievably pleasant) “ritual” connected to Mount Kinabalu climbing.

It is imperative to be careful about the order of things so that you could be completely satisfied with your unique adventure. On a general basis, the Timpohon Gate (right near park headquarters) is considered to be the “key element” from this point of view, as it represents the place where the whole adventure begins. Take your time, relax and admire the view from the Timpohon observatory platform, since you have a long trip ahead and you need your strength.

You need to keep your climbing enthusiasm at a moderate level and try to get some sleep (when the night falls) at one of the numerous guest houses at Laban Rata. This way, you will feel completely reinvigorated and able to go on with your climbing plans early in the morning. Otherwise said, it takes a lot of discipline to participate in a Mount Kinabalu climbing trip.

In order to do things properly, you are supposed to reach the top of Mount Kinabalu in time to watch the sunrise. This is something that you really cannot miss (because you would be terribly sorry if something like this happened). The truth is that people do not have the chance of witnessing such a miracle of nature everyday.

Afterwards, it is time for you to return to Laban Rata for having a well-deserved breakfast. Once this “mission” has been accomplished as well, it is time for you to descend the mountain.