Info of Climbing Skills

Hands Skills: We use our hands to climb are making the body upward and closing to the rock. There are many kinds of rock fulcrum, usually more than 50. Climbers must familiar with these fulcrum shapes. And know how to seize these different fulcrums. Also we must know how to use our power or strength, according to the position and direction on the outstanding. We know there are many methods, such as digging, kneading, pulling, dragging, tyring, and holding. We have many kinds of methods to the same fulcrum. The strength of fingers is very important. We can exercise through pull-ups, hang pull-ups, knead weight. Now some excellent players can use only one finger to pull-ups. If so one hand can have a rest in a long climb routes, because you can use only one hand to climb.

Feet Skills: Feet skills request the use of your feet action, including the trample point, convert skills. The aims of convert feet are keeping our body balanced and decreasing our hands burden. For example, we convert to our left foot from right. First, you can lift your left foot upper your right, shaft turning clockwise but your weight is on your right foot. Then you should touch the rock from upper and trample. Sparing your right foot and let your weight on your left foot. Certainly you should wear a pair of vibram five fingers shoes to avoid slippery. I think these kind shoes are best choice.

Abnormal actions: There are some special actions when climbing, such as grasping on solid fulcrum to pull-ups, using steps, crack or other terrain to move your body with palm and forearm, making your body on the rock, grasping rock to move your body, using the forepaws inside or toe thrust, reduce the upper body support the burden. and so on. This step requests a high quality shoes. I introduce vibram five fingers classic. They are suitable. Anyhow, allow yourself to climb higher and more stability can be regarded as the most effective climbing skills.

Specific practice: Some daily exercise or specific training can promote oneself climbing ability improvement. For example, pull-ups can increase the strength of our arms and fingers. Adhere to skip can exercise flexibility and compatibility. Table tennis training is beneficial in judgment and insight. While swimming can strengthen Lung function and increase body strength and endurance.”