Improve Running Speed

Prepare yourself mentally

I’m not going to lie to you because developing running speed could be a pain sometimes. If you want to push yourself over the limits, then you need to be prepared for some discomfort. Learning to ignore all the bad feeling that hits you when you are in your beginnings is the only way to acquire this skill.

Running uphills

This exercise is considered as one of the best when developing a good running pace. It’s true that it’s very hard to get used to it, but once mastered, you’re not going to believe how much speed you’ve acquired. Some people may go further and use stairs to execute this exercise, but no matter what you’re doing, make sure to start slowly and then progress. One of the factors that will determine your running speed is of course your lower-body muscles, and this exercise seems to really work them out.


Many people don’t really realize the importance of focus in all of this, but believe me when I say that it’s probably what will move you up in speed. Unlike long or regular running where you need to be distracted to keep your mind off exhaustion, developing speed require you to focus on every step you take while running. If you get distracted for one second, then you’ll lose that tempo that keeps you going faster.