Have Regular Pedicures

One of the best ways to take care of your feet is to get regular pedicures. Having a pedicure does more than just make your feet look nice. Some things that are done during a pedicure are: getting your feet soaked and thoroughly cleaned, your toenails cut and trimmed and a wonderful (and I do mean wonderful) foot and lower leg massage.

The first thing that happens when you go in for a pedicure is you get to soak your feet in a little whirlpool tub. In most pedicure parlors, you also sit in a massage chair. The massage chair and the feet soak is reason enough for me – it just feels wonderful!

After the cleaning, then your toenails are trimmed and shaped. For many people, it’s hard to reach down to cut your toenails properly. It’s nice to have someone to do this for you – and to make sure it’s done correctly. Since it is hard to do on your own, sometimes they are not trimmed correctly and can cause ingrown toenails – which in turn can cause pain on your runs. Also, having your toenails trimmed will keep them from jamming into the toe box of your shoe – which can cause pain and black toenails.

The pedicurist will also buff off the rough spots and calluses from your feet. Make sure that you tell them that you are a runner and to do that gently.

Then comes another marvelous part of the pedicure. When all this is done – you will get a foot and lower leg massage. I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you how great this feels after you have completed a race or a long run!

Now, don’t think that you can only get a pedicure if you are a female. There are several men who come in where I get mine done. They know how great it feels, also!

There are many podiatrists that suggests regular pedicure for runners. They feel that many calluses, blisters and black toenails could be prevented with pedicures. I’ve been having regular pedicures for years – and I can tell you from experience that it feels absolutely wonderful after a long run!