Food For Hiking Trip

Nutrition and ease of preparation should be kept in mind when deciding what foods you want to take with remembering also that you have to carry everything on your back, making the weight of your food an important factor as well.

Planning trail meals shouldn’t necessarily be difficult. A wide range of instant, dehydrated or freeze dried meals can be bought at most grocery stores. Although some people will not always like the taste of these products it can easily be improved by adding your own spices or herbs. Making these meals on the trail is very easy and quick. Some hikers prefer to prepare their own recipes.

Lightweight foods made especially for hiking can also be found at many outdoor stores and specialists. These meals are very tasty, very light, and in some cases no preparation or cooking is needed. Made-for-hiking food, though convenient, can be very expensive and portions too small for hikers with big appetites.

Although it is important to be self sufficient on a hike, hiking in larger groups has its benefits. Equipment and food can be divided between hikers to help lessen the load. For example: in group of four hikers, two can carry stoves while the other two can carry utensils like pots and pot grips, avoiding over-equipping. Each person must carry his own essentials like matches and emergency rations though. Emergency rations should be enough for at least two days.