Finding Running Zen

Running used to scare me. I would literally run from just the thought of well, running! I never understood when people said to me how much they enjoyed running. How it cleared their mind. It was relaxing to them. What? When I ran, I did it because I had to for cardiovascular exercise. I did it because it was a healthy way to keep my weight in check. I did it because it was part of a training plan. I never did it because it was my “zen”.

I always told people who were “athletes” that I was not a runner. I was not a runner and when I did run I was not a good runner. Then along came the quote above from John Bingham. It got me thinking about all of those other “runners” out there. Were they all athletes and I was not? Were they all born to run? How was it that they were all better than me and I have been incorporating running into my active lifestyle for years and years? I decided to take the quote from John Bingham and apply to ME! I would like for all of you to do the same and apply what is meant for you to you. Perhaps when I share my thoughts, it will allow you to find your running zen. The place that will allow your body and mind to believe that you are an athlete. A runner.

I decided I could no longer compare. We all do it. It is hard not too. We all want to cross that finish line before the back of someone else’s shoes. This is not a bad thing. It is a good self motivation challenge. You need motivation and a goal. I just stopped comparing my time to their time. I had to set my own goal and find what motivated me.

I used to think let me just get this over with. Run as fast as I can so that I can be done. That was a major downfall and played against me for the most part. Not only would i want to go fast, I needed to go far. How was that going to play out for a non running athlete? It was only when I decided to sign up and run a half marathon that I learned a valuable lesson about time and distance. The two do not go hand in hand. If I were to complete the distance I needed to forgo the time. If I was to go for time I could not complete the distance. Make sense? I had to let go of the “let’s just get this over with” mentality. I needed to find my happy pace, my zen pace, the pace within myself that allowed me to go the distance and actually enjoy the journey. I could not believe it. I found what everyone else around me had been talking about. I find the ability to enjoy running.