Essential Items For Runners

The main thing that a runner needs is a good pair of running shoes. This is the one area that you don’t want to skimp. Go to a running store and have a salesperson there fit you for a pair of running shoes. He will be able to fit you and will help you choose the shoe that you need for your foot type. You want to make sure that you are wearing the correct pair of shoes that properly fit so that you will run comfortably and without injury.

Running socks are another essential. You don’t want to just pull on a pair of cotton socks. Runners need a good pair of moisture wicking socks to keep their feet dry. As you run, you feet sweat and if not wearing the proper socks – your feet will get wet and stay wet. This will cause blisters to form.

And, while we’re talking about moisture wicking materials, you also need running clothes made out of this material. They will keep you dry on your runs as you sweat. If you wear cotton shirts, they will get wet from your sweat and stay wet. This will cause you to just be uncomfortable and actually cause you to get chilled – even on a warm day. You will especially appreciate these technical fabrics as you increase your mileage. Running apparel made of moisture wicking fabrics cost a little more – but are worth every penny.

Runners also need a watch to time their runs. Now, if you are just getting started with your running program, a nice simple running watch will do. You want to be able to measure the amount of time that you are running. And, if you are doing the run/walk method, you will need to be able to know when to walk and when to run. As you increase your mileage and put in longer runs, you will probably want to invest in a GPS watch. But, a regular running watch with a chronograph is perfect to get started.