Cool Free Running Moves

The Kick the Moon/J-Step

The Kick the Moon, sometimes known as the J-Step is one of those free running moves you can combo into loads of other moves, including the cork. The Kick the Moon involves doing a three step motion to form a letter ‘J’ – hence the name J-step. You kick your left or right leg, whichever your prefer, as high as you can and going slightly over your right or left side pushing your chest up to gain more height and the leg swing to get you round. This technique is also used for the Cork.

The Wall Flip

Sometimes known as the Wall Back Flip, this ultra cool move is basically a back flip that is mastered after you take anywhere between one and three steps up a vertical surface, such as a wall. Don’t worry if you can’t find a vertical surface, as an almost vertical one will do!

If you really want to wow your crowd, engage in the Wall Flip 360, which was created by 3 Run team founder Chase Armitage, and involves performing a full twist after stepping up the wall.

The Ariel

Another essential free running move, the Aerial is a cart wheel motion, although unlike a gymnastics cart wheel, with the Aerial, your hands can’t touch the ground. Once you’ve got the Aerial down to a fine art, you should endeavour to master the Aerial Twist, which is an Aerial performed with a 180 degree twist where you land on either both feet or just your take off foot.

With all of these cool free running moves, the more flexible you are the smoother and more flawless the moves will look and good flexibility is the core behind inspiring free running showmanship.

The Shoes

Of course to be a free running maestro you’ll need the right shoes and not just any footwear will suffice in getting moving with the fluidity and rolling over any obstacles that may get in your way. As well as having to provide us with bounce, fluidity and spring, a free runner’s shoes need to look great; after all we are making a statement.