Comparing Vibram Shoes

The issue of injury in running is also the main reason why many people are getting intrigued with the Vibram shoes. This brand of minimalist running shoes claims to possess the most comfortable and safe means of running. By theory, it really doesn’t provide a cure to prevent all injuries. But what does instead minimizes at least the same risks and at the same time offer maximum performance.

So the essence of any Vibram shoe is to let everyone engage in running while making sure they don’t risk themselves and their body to injury and pain. Now let us take look at the most popular models of the product line.


The KSO is labeled by many as the runner’s perfect choice. The acronym stands for Keep Stuff Out. The design basically provides better protection compared to other similar products from outside forces and debris such as water, dust, mud, and others, hence the term keep the stuff out. It also utilizes a strap for the purpose of better fitting and comfort. Apart from the strap, it is also equipped with the least amount of foot sole inside, making it ideal for more flexibility and feedback.

KSO Trek

The Trek is a KSO upgrade in many ways. For one, it uses kangaroo leather, which in turn has been proven to be more durable compared to that of the regular nylon material. The same kangaroo leather can last up to a hundred and thirty miles. The Trek is specifically designed with more treading. This corresponds to being the perfect footwear for running and taking on gravel, sand, and other tough terrains. The Trek is also a lot more stylish and cooler than the first KSO.


Finally, you have the very popular Bikila. This footwear deviates from the notable weaknesses found in the KSO and other previous models. This is still intended for running but there is more treading. It provides the best comfort a Vibram footwear could offer. The plastic protector placed on the top of the toes also comes in handy for long mileage.