Clothing For Running In the Dark

Luckily, times have changed so much since I began running over 30 years ago. It used to be that you could get a reflective vest and that’s about it. Or, you hoped that someone could see the small reflective strip that was on your running shoes. Now, there are so many neat things that you can use to run safely. Read on to find out different things that you can wear to remain safe.

Reflective running vests as well as reflective strips that go around your arms or ankles are still available. And, still one of the best ways to stay visible. The vests are lightweight and you really don’t know that you have them on – and they certainly make you noticeable to oncoming traffic. The strips are also easy and just wrap around and fasten with Velcro. The only downside that I’ve found with these is that when wearing them on your arms -sometimes they will slip and become annoying.

Reflective caps are something that I’ve come to love. I wear caps all the time anyway. You can get caps that are completely made of reflective material. Caps also come with a flashing red light on the back. Recently, I purchased a cap that I’ve fallen in love with. It has lights on the brim. The lights shine as a high beam (to illuminate the path in front of you), a low beam (to see your watch or more closely at your feet) or you can use both high and low beam at the same time. I wore this cap the other morning – and it worked great!

Running tops and jackets have come a long way with keeping runners safe, also. You can get jackets made completely out of reflective material. These work great – and with the newer “runner friendly” fabrics keep you warm and safe at the same time. Also out there on the market now are jackets that have a light source. Saucony makes a great running top (yes, I just had to get one) that has a small light comes with it. The light fastens onto the sleeve and can stay on all the time or you can set it to blink. And, the coolest thing about this – it plugs into your computer to recharge!

If you find yourself having to run in the dark from time to time, make sure that you are making yourself visible to oncoming cars. Luckily these days, you can also do it in style!