Climbing Mt Pulag

Once you get to the rangers station you’ll just be given a short seminar and after paying some fees you’re good to go.

The climb itself isn’t overly difficult if you properly pace yourself. It can be hard to breath in the beginning because of the altitude but as long as you don’t push yourself too hard, you should be able to adjust.

For fast climbers, the trek to the camping area will only take around 3 hours. The trail to the camp will take you through 3 area, the pine forest, the mossy forest, and the grass lands.

You should have been assigned guides when after the seminar at the rangers station so be sure to follow their advice and let them know if you’re having any problems. The guides are locals and they can make the trek several times a day. They cover the distance in about half the time most other people do.

You’ll also get the option to hire porters if you feel that you’re not up to carrying your gear up the mountain. Believe me when I say that having no bag to carry makes the climb substantially easier. So if you didn’t train for the climb, it might be best to just leave your stuff.

The Camping Area

The camping area at Mt Pulag is at the grassy area of the trail. It’s actually at the end of the mossy forest, just a couple of meters away from the drinkable spring water.

The camp is almost always full because the mountain is such a popular climb. So try to look for a place where you and your group can set up camp that isn’t too far from the improvised comfort rooms that they have up there. If you can find one, look for a clearing that’s shielded from the wind by a hill.

The wind is really cold up there and you’re going to feel it even if you’re wearing layered clothing. A wind-breaker is really important there. You can also use trash bags as wind breakers if you weren’t able to bring one.

The Assault

Most people who go to Mt Pulag sleep overnight at the camp. Then they trek the last stretch for 2 hours really early so they can be at the summit just in time for sunrise.

This part is probably the easiest because the ground is easy to walk on. The place is hilly but there are no overly steep parts except at the end.

And that ends the climb. Once you get to the top, just wait for the sun to rise and be sure to bring a camera. You’re going to want to take lots of pictures.