Climb Preparation

Prepare yourself to be healthy and be in peak condition.

To prepare yourself before climbing the mountain You should be exercising for at least one month before the day of mountain climbing. Regular exercise every day for about a half hour for the first week and continued to increase to 3 hours in the last week. Sports that do should be a movement and not a static exercise, by which I mean a lot of sports using motion, it can increase stamina and strengthen the joints that is necessary to climb the mountain. So you can jog and run punctuated by fast, a little sit ups and push ups, doing small jumps in place, and doing small jumps continuously until the specified time. Before doing this exercise certainly warming should still be done, about 10 minutes is enough.

Prepare solidarity with colleagues who will climb the mountain with you.

You certainly do not climb the mountain alone is not it? Because trying to climb the mountain alone is not kidding. Cooperation between the climbers are very necessary, because the efforts of one person alone is never enough. To train the cohesiveness you can start by trying to work out together and certainly with a predetermined schedule. Or you can also try to do activities together during preparation for mountain climbing. If it’s possible try to stay in one place for one week before the day of mountain climbing.

Finding out about the mountain that you climb later.

To find out what was involved in climbing a mountain course, we must know the latest state from a mountain. Here are things you should look for to know before climbing a mountain:

  1. recent weather conditions in the mountains including the lowest temperature, highest temperature, rainfall, and humidity.
  2. State of roads and areas in the mountains.
  3. Plants and animals that might live in these mountains.
  4. The articles relating to the mountain you will climb.
  5. The height of the mountain and the estimated time required to reach the top of the mountain and back down to the foot of the mountain.

After you know all about that now you can predict what else that you must prepare.

Prepare equipment and supplies.

When climbing the mountain there are some tools which are required to be brought by you. That tools are a compass (preferably every person carries one or two compass), raincoat, tent to accommodate the number of mountain climbers, sneakers, boots (if needed), change of clothes if necessary, a small gas stove and gas as necessary, matches and lighters, kerosene or methylated (be careful with it. it is necessary to light a bonfire in the camp), warm clothing, UV protection lotions, first aid kit box, personal medicines, and personal equipment (wet tissue, dry tissue, plastic bags, sleeping bags, etc.).

When finished preparing the equipment, you also have to prepare food and drinks you should bring. Obviously the amount of food and drinks that you carry depends on the results of your research in determining the amount of time you need to climb up and down the mountain. But there are some foods that are highly recommended for you to carry and there are several types of beverages that may have you take it depends on the situation of the mountain you will climb. These types of foods are chocolate, instant noodles, wheat bread, white bread smeared with butter and sprinkled with sugar, and do not miss fruits durable enough like apples and oranges. Some drinks that you may have to bring is water (I think it’s mandatory), coffee, ginger drinks, tea, and beer or alcoholic beverages to warm the body (remember not to drink it too much).