Getting Started With Climbing

Profile of a mountain climber

A mountain climber must be in excellent physical condition as well as agile. The mountain climber must have an attitude of determination to overcome every obstacle, focused and positive, as well as the predisposition to mind and master safety procedures.

Getting Ready

The best way to prepare is by reading books on climbing. This will help give the mindset you need to climb a mountain. Climbers learn how to make decisions quickly, so access your mental ability to size up a situation and react.

Mountain climbing is a little like learning a dance, but with a terrible, potentially fatal partner! No matter what the season, climbing can be dangerous. Avalanches are alone an unknown killer; between 120 and 150 people die in ice or snow avalanches every year – ski instructors, mountain climbers, etc.

Physical Conditioning

Walking, jogging, long distance endurance training, scrambling exercises up a hilltop, skiing, and swimming are all good ways to get in shape before your first major climb.

Tools and Equipment

When it comes to hiking gear, it’s said that mountain climbers are obsessed with weight, and for a very good reason. No matter how strong you are, be prepared to carry no more than 25% of your body weight. Here is a checklist of what you need to bring. Cotton is heavier than synthetics, which is the reason for the “no cotton” rule. It can vary upon the trip and terrain, but here are some of the basics.

What to wear

Hiking Pants no cotton jeans. Socks, shoes, and sneakers (hiking boots are usually unnecessary). A non-cotton T-shirt, long sleeved with or without a collar and a baseball cap and/or cheap sunglasses.

What to bring

  • A map 1:24,000
  • A good quality Compass
  • Sunscreen (packaged in an eyedropper bottle)
  • LED headlamp with fresh batteries
    Small toothbrush with toothpaste “dots”
  • First aid. This consists of 4-5 band-aids, ibuprofen, Imodium, gauze pads, medical tape rolled onto a plastic straw.
  • For fire building, bring a few Matches, stored in a zip-lock plastic bag. For fire-starter, (essential!) use another other zip lock bag filled with ordinary dryer lint, or cotton balls soaked in Vaseline.
  • You will also need a 1 litre sized water bottle, and a 33 gallon garbage bag to use as a raincoat or emergency shelter.

Climbing Ethics

Never climb alone – bring along friends who are experienced climbers. When you go on your first climb, remember that it is a privilege to climb in a pristine, natural environment. Many climbers adopt a “Leave No Trace” mentality – no garbage left behind, not even smashing flowers as they pass, whenever possible.

Reasons To Try Climbing

  • Something unique. Climbing is a unique experience and if you’re getting bored with your usual range of activities it can really inject some excitement into both your social life and fitness regime.
  • Challenge. If you want to feel you have achieved something special then a session on a climbing wall can really deliver that experience, often on your first visit. Gym climbing walls offer the opportunity for a climber to push themselves in a safe environment. Climbing is not just physically challenging but it can also be a great way to help combat a fear of heights. Once you have reassured yourself that your harness is safe and have your sights set on a particular height on the wall that you want to achieve, the motivation to reach it will outweigh the fear – and the feeling when you reach it is priceless!
  • Fitness. Climbing gives an affective full body work out and will engage muscles that you hardly knew existed before. It is fantastic for arm and leg strength, it also provides a great cardiovascular workout.
  • Variety. Once you have mastered the indoor wall you may feel ready for other types of climbing, of which there are many. Bouldering is also becoming popular and provides an alternative for those who may decide that they prefer to stay closer to the ground.
  • Associated activities. If you do venture out of the gym, either for an outdoor man-made wall or for the ‘real thing’ then you will find that climbing is associated with all kinds of other fantastic activities, like hiking, canoeing and camping. Have fun and be safe!

Military Boots for Hiking

Many people don’t know or understand how tough soldiers have it on the battlefield. Many people don’t want to. There are a few experiences the rest of us may have had that allow us to fathom the reality of the kind of harsh terrain soldiers are subjected to: the times we went hiking or trekking.

Some of us take our outdoor pursuits lightly, but more of us don’t. High impact activities such as those that conventionally go under the ‘outdoor pursuits’ category are not for the faint hearted, or legged. Mounting climbing and trekking are often used by people to release significant emotional pressure gaskets. It’s an activity used to burn up excess stores of energy. Bear this in mind before agreeing willy-nilly to take someone up on an offer to go ‘hiking’ with them.

The hardened hikers out there know that there’s nothing worse than trekking for miles up harsh mountain edges with gradients as steep as right angles in crappy footwear. Indeed, the wrong footwear – or even poorly fitting footwear – will likely land a person in an emergency room. Try descending a steep glacial mountain with boots unfit for the purpose and you’ll understand the importance of a high-quality rubber grip on the soul of your hiking boot.

Military boots are amongst the most robust, custom-designed footwear on the market. Considering their purpose, it’s easy to see why this is the case. The makers of outdoor pursuits do closely consider practical design when inventing high-spec footwear ranges and can represent good value for money. However, with military boots, you know that you’re going to be protected from the harshest conditions and elements. It’s a sort of safe bet when you’re unsure what to look for in outdoor footwear.

Ways To Enjoy Hiking

Hiking is a wonderful means to view mother nature herself and get some excellent exercise at the very same time. It is a fantastic method to lower daily pressure and just get away from it all for a while. You may opt to share the experience together with a companion or perhaps backpack on your own, allowing you to clear your head. Hiking is great for body weight control, for your cardiovascular system and circulation, and is a good cardio exercise workout to deal with high blood pressure

If you are scared to hike alone, you will be able to better enjoy yourself if you have your dog come along with you. This way, you will not feel so alone and you will have a little bit of protection as your dog will serve as a deterrent from criminals should your dog look the part.

Another way to make sure that you are going to enjoy your hiking experience is to take your camera along. This way, you will be able to properly document and remember everything that you experience on your journey. You will also have something to share with your family and friends once you get back home.

Take your family along for an adventure of a lifetime. Explore all that there is to explore within nature and give them an education that they simply do not get in the classroom. This is also a great chance to bond with everyone.

Above and beyond all of that, there is the benefit that hiking will give your body the workout that it has been longing for. You will work out just about every muscle in your body. At first, when you come home, you might feel as though you can never handle another hiking trip again. However, if you keep pushing forward, you will realize that this is indeed something that you can handle and you will be much healthier for it. It just a bit of time for your body to get used to this type of training and hiking.

About Types of Carabiners

Straight Gate Carabiners

Straight gate carabiners are the most common type that is currently available. They open, and allow the climber to easily detach the device from whatever ropes that it is currently attached to. They are the easiest, cheapest, and strongest type that is currently available. They have also been used for the longest, and are some of the most trusted types of climbing carabiners that are available.

Bent Gate Carabiners

Bent gate carabiners are just as strong as the straight gate carabiners. They allow things to be clipped in much more easily, as they do not lock. They are also much easier to unclasp. It is recommended that more experienced climbers use these, as they can be easy to detach by accident if you are not paying attention to what you are doing.

Locking Carabiner

The locking carabiners are also very popular. They tend to be the safest, as the climber really has to go out of their way to get these undone. There are different kinds of locking carabiners that are currently available. Some require you to twist a knob in order to get the carabiner off from whatever it is attached to, while others may only require that you push a safety button. These are often given to new climbers who are feeling unsure about the task at hand and would like a little more peace of mind.

Keep in mind that whatever climbing carabiner you decide to purchase, you have to be sure of the quality, with Petzl being one of the most popular and reputable brands.Always make sure that the locking carabiner that you purchase has been certified. You may also want to comparison shop online, as the price of different types can vary greatly from one store to another.

Tree Climbing Harnesses

Tree climbing harnesses are extremely important. In fact, they’re as important as your climbing rope. If either fails, you could be in serious trouble. Your TCH (Tree Climbing Harnesses) will support your body while climbing-both your upper and lower body.

Knowing how important TCH are, you should take great care when purchasing one. Here are a few pointers to help you make an adequate selection:

  • Make sure it fits-Sometimes people get so hung up on the safety aspect of a harness that they fail to check for comfort. The safest TCH in the world do you little good if you can’t stand to wear them. If a harness doesn’t fit you right, return it and get one that does.
  • Look for a quality brand-Brand names are important when it comes to tree climbing gear such as harnesses. Why? Because when you see a quality brand name you know you can rely on the product. Sure you may have to pay a bit more for a good brand name, but isn’t it worth it when the product keeps you safe?
  • Certified equipment-All tree climbing harnesses, as well as any other tree gear you purchase, should be ANSI and OSHA certified. Why should you care? Well these organizations symbolize safe arborist practices and products they certify meet all their stringent safety standards.

Remember, check for quality. If you have to pay a little more to make sure you get high quality equipment, so be it. Safety should always come first.

In today’s technological age you can practically do all your shopping without ever leaving your home. Such is the case with TCH and other tree gear. By going to Google or a similar search engine, you can type in the necessary keywords and find a plethora of suppliers with ease. The difficult part is deciding who to purchase from. Use a systematic approach and you’ll come across the right supplier.

First of all, look for a site that is easy to navigate. Online shopping is supposed to make your life easier-not induce stress. If the site is difficult to order from, move on to the next.

As stated above, you always want certified equipment. Pick a supplier that advertises their equipment certification. This should be noted by a badge on their homepage. This is the mark of a company that truly puts safety first.

Also, do business with a company that takes your private information seriously. That means they have a plainly stated privacy policy on their site, as well as a badge that indicates a secure, authentic site for purchasing purposes.

Finally, make sure they list a customer service phone number for you to get a hold of an actual person. Even though you’re ordering online, there are times when it will be necessary to speak to a live representative. It’s important that this option be available.

Women’s Climbing Shoes

Comfort and Confidence

Women’s climbing shoes can provide great comfort and confidence when climbing. Regular use makes different change in the structure of shoes. One such change is increase in with which puts you at a risky and even dangerous situation while climbing.

Participating in adventure sports always has its share of difficulties. Climbing footwear plays important role. Every one is expected to have shoes which will be useful at all kinds of surfaces. A shoe designed for climbing will provide permanent benefit, comfort and strength.

Be Careful

No victory in any game is possible without willpower. You should have physical as well as mental ability. You may end up losing the battle if you play without the right tools and outfit for the game. Therefore you should be very careful when investing in equipments for sports.

Going up high mountains with strong flow of air is not an easy task. It needs lot of physical strength with great willpower. If you are supported by proper and comfortable accessories like shoes, the task will become easier. Women’s climbing shoes are this accessory. Having a desire to play adventurous sport does not make you expert in that field. This article directs you towards the various steps for purchasing ideal rock climbing shoes.

New Season? New Shoes

Purchasing climbing shoes is a very big problem. Every new season will lead to a new variety of the shoes in the market. New shoes contain many additional and advantageous features in it. Purchasing completely new featured shoes for climbing is risky. Purchasing new shoes of old model saves money as well as lowers risk

Saving money at the cost of your life is not a wide move. Being starter in the adventurous sport does not mean you can compromise with quality of shoes for money. Purchasing a pair of shoes from reputed brand will be the right way to proceed.

Invest Your Money Right!

For purchase of equipments in adventure sport, mountain gear shops are very useful and it is advisable to use such shops for buying stuff. These shops provide expert advice as well. And you can test the shoes before buying, so you should invest your money for shopping in such shop for comfortable and supportive shoes without any hesitation.

Nowadays, the web has become one of the best medium for shopping. If you are clear about the shoe you want, you can take help of internet to buy the women’s climbing shoes you need.

Buy Climbing Harness

Gym climbing

These harnesses are specifically designed for gym climbing. While they meet all safety requirements you can easily and quickly get them on and off. These harnesses are really light and since you don’t carry up a lot of supplemental climbing gear while climbing in the gym they often have only two gear loops allowing you to carry everything you need for gym climbing.

Traditional climbing

This type of climbing usually requires carrying a substantial amount of climbing gear. Therefore, harnesses for traditional climbing often have 4 gear loops so you can take everything you need on the wall with you. In addition, these harnesses feature adjustable leg loops so you can fit them perfectly and tightly on your legs. Since you will be spending a lot of time on the wall, a good fit is very important and can help avoid traumas.

Ice climbing

These harnesses are relatively similar to those used for the traditional climbing but the materials as well as the design are adjusted for winter conditions. They will have ample space for additional gear and will easily fit over your winter clothes.

Once you’ve identified what type of harness you need, you need to try it on. Ideally you will need a small climbing wall to fully test it and the majority of specialized climbing shops will offer you this opportunity. Put the harness on and make sure the waistbelt fits comfortably and doesn’t move to much. Also, pay attention to pressure points. You shouldn’t feel any excessive pressure while hanging on belay, otherwise look for a different harness. Try readjusting the rise and the leg loops. It might solve some of the pressure problems. Remember, there is a huge variety of climbing harnesses. Try several ones before you find what you really need.

Allure of Everest

Personally I’ve always wanted to climb Everest and always will do, until the day I succeed. Despite the fact that hundreds now summit and the top turns out crowded at the end of May, I still want to go there; I don’t think any criticism really takes away the allure of being at the top of the world. I think it’s unfair to generalise all who climb Everest as under qualified adventurers with a bit of money as the challenge is undoubtedly great.

Despite criticism of those of climb Everest, I think the allure will always be there for me, and a lot of other people, as the tallest mountain in the world will remain just that, the tallest mountain in the WORLD! Some may be under qualified to attempt her but maybe this could be dealt with by tour operators, numbers of permits could be limited further or being granted permission made more difficult.

Whilst I say this I do also believe that it would be such a great feat to climb Everest without the help of fixed ropes and bottled oxygen but in today’s world we use what we have – look at it this way, those who complain don’t walk miles to work, they drive to work instead; where’s the challenge in that? Nowhere, but today we have cars. If Mallory and Irvine had had state of the art down suits and fixed ropes they would have used them!

Mountain Climbing for Beginners

  • Destination- You can either go for a major climb or a minor climb. When a complete climb can be achieved in a day devoid of any exceptional effort and which takes within five hours to reach the summit from the point of beginning of the hiking, which is known as a minor climb. And the climb which takes days to complete and a where a lot of physical effort is required, is known as the major climb. You can decide which one to go for according to your capacity and experience. Also, you can consider the locality, availability of drinkable sources of water, view from the mountains etc while choosing the destination.
  • Place to Stay- You can decide to stay in the local resorts or camp on the spot if it is possible and if you find a suitable place.
  • Equipments- As a starter all you need is a good pair of hiking shoes, pants and jackets which are water-proof and which dries out quickly, and your trusty rucksack. The number of things to carry will eventually increase as you will get more experiences. If you are planning for a major climb then you can think of bringing a lightweight tent. Apart from these, essentials like food and water can also be carried.
  • Personal Health- The right training and preparation physically are crucial before starting mountain climbing. Exercises to prepare the leg muscles like jogging and stair climbing carried out. You can also train to make yourself accustomed to the heavy load you will need to carry on the mountains.
  • Climbing Partners- A guide must essentially be hired and you can also team up with mountain climbers who are experienced. This can help in avoiding the risks involved with climbing alone which should never be done.