Breathing While Running

It was speaking about how nose breathing will improve your performance 100 fold! I first went into detail about the history of nose breathing, from it being one of the most important factors in yoga and relaxation. It spoke of how they train race horses by forcing them to breath through there noses while training. To explain more about the yoga part first. You have to understand this huge point, which is your nose was made for breathing. Your mouth was not, now obviously you can breathe through your mouth but notice how when you wake up in the morning with a sore throat every time you sleep with your mouth open. That is because your mouth has very little protection from everything that is harmful in air. Your nose has tiny hairs called cilica are there to protect you from the harmful stuff in the air. Also when you breath through your mouth you are actually teaching your mind and body to hyperventilate. That cannot be good in any situation. Nose breathing allows you to fill your lungs up 70% more to capacity. Nose breathing also naturally slows down your heart rate, and allows you to go longer and faster. That is key to performing at a higher level. Heart rate has to stay down while you have more air and energy to out perform great athletes.

I learned that when they train race horses, a technique that they would use is to place the horse in water to swim distances and they would clamp the race horse’s mouth closed forcing it to train breathing through its nose. Now I don’t know how animal rights activist would feel about this but I do know that this will make anything that breathes a better athlete. This article went into depth about how babies come out doing this. You ever watch a baby when he or she sleeps? They sleep with their mouth closed, and then can learn bad habits growing up. I saw all this information and I knew that I needed to apply this technique in my football training, so I started slow by jogging my 2 miles in the morning only breathing in and out my nose. Then I started to practice deep nose breathing in my hotel room to expand my lungs.

Something that I still do to this day is I do yoga. Yoga is great for flexibility, but most people do not understand that it teaches you how to breath and expand your lung capacity. This could be huge for normal fitness people and athletes. It got to the point where it came natural to me in the game or in practice and I could start focusing on my football technique instead of dying out there because I couldn’t breathe. My tip is to start slow by just doing something maybe like a warm up with only breathing in and out your nose and then start doing hard workouts like sprints breathing through your nose to work up to your actual games and/or competitions, and just watch how much you feel better.