A Technical Ice Tool

For this reason it is important you have a good tool which grips onto the slippery surface of the ice for you. In this article I will discuss 3 things you should know about an ice tool for technical climbing:

  • The Shaft of technical tools are shorter and normally have a slight curve. This helps with the grip and makes the axe stick into the ice better. The length of most technical ice tools is around 50cm and they are made with a light but strong alloy or carbon material. The strength rating of a technical ice axes shaft should be T rated.
  • Hammer/Adze: The head of a technical ice climbing tool is made up of a hammer or adze at the back and a pick at the front. When climbing ice it is beneficial to have both types of tool. The hammer can be used to hit pitons into the ice and the Adze can be used for cutting steps into the ice.
  • The Pick of a technical tool comes in a different range of styles. Reverse positive picks are recommended for climbing ice because of their ability to hook into it easier. With this type of pick you can make the axe stick with the flick of a wrist. This is useful for when you need to be close to the climbing surface on a vertical climb.